Art in Skin

black and grey tattoo

crow skull tattoo

DSCN1756 DSCN1754 DSCN1753 DSCN1748 DSCN1747 japanese waves flowers DSCN1743 DSCN1745 DSCN1744 DSCN1746 DSCN1733 DSCN1735 DSCN1738 DSCN1740 DSCN1741 Skull devil floral tattoo fancy lettering Color heart mended.


black and grey skull tattoo

crow skull

skull black and white

crow tattoo

DSCN1724 DSCN1723 DSCN1718 DSCN1707 DSCN1717 20141211_195856 dragon cover up black and grey anchor tattoo cursive lettering tattoo 20141128_162518


20141018_175600 20141018_175541

In progress

In progress

cover up reaper tattoo

20140925_193706 20140925_193722 20140925_193653 20140925_193637 20140920_174853 20140915_182046

skull with waves tattoo

Sleeve in  Progress. I didn't do the cross

Sleeve in Progress. I didn’t do the cross

Realistic Iris Tattoo

Realistic Iris Tattoo

Realistic Iris tattooSkull bio organic TAttooRat Rod tattoo

leg sleeve in progress

leg sleeve in progress


purple rose tattoo

This is a detailed pic on the side of the previous tattoo.

This is a detailed pic on the side of the previous tattoo.

001Tribal re-workTribal re-workIris cover upbio organic skull tattoo bow tattoo celticcrosstattoo cover up tattoo patriotic hummingbirdtattoo irischerryblossomforgetmenottattoo (2) irischerryblossomforgetmenottattoo (3) irischerryblossomforgetmenottattoo ladybugtattoo lily tattoo mexican pin up tattoo oldsailorportraitlighthouse patriotictattoo pinuptattoo (2) pinuptattoo (3) pinuptattoo sacred heart tattoo snapdragonflowertattoo sparrow tattoo yellow rose tattoo zombie tattoo zombietattoo941740_10200706679983725_1853848488_n 942419_10201177702078983_146874090_n 946695_10201210843507498_1089656773_n 1016531_10201063641227533_511492383_n - Copy 1157675_10201281954525229_1531992363_n DSCN1411 DSCN1412 DSCN1413 DSCN1414 DSCN1420 DSCN1423 DSCN1433 DSCN1434 006 003

3 responses to “Art in Skin

  1. looking for a portrait tatt..really like your work. do you have an email I can reac you at to send you a pic and give me your thoughts?


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