Biomech half Sleeve on Alex

best tattoo artist santa rosa Biomechanical half sleeveDidn’t have anything scheduled for Wednesday and Wlex showed up for some color.

Progress on Bio-organic leg

Biomechanical tattoo Bio-organic sleeveDid some black and grey shading on this leg I started a bit ago.  Anyone interested in a tattoo like this let me know.

Black and Grey Tattoo

black and grey anchor tattooThis was a pretty quick tattoo I did for a client in memory of her Grandfather. Hang On Pain Ends is what hope stands for according to him.

Upcoming side tattoo

Upcoming side tattoo

This is a drawing for a client who is looking for oncidium orchids, along with cherry blossoms and mandalas in the background. I believe the flowers are going to be pretty close to photo realistic so I think this tattoo will not end up having all of the oulines you see here.