Designs available for tattoo

Poppy Color tattoo Rohnert park CAI have time today and am looking to do this design as well as other designs at a bit of a discount. I also have gift certificates.

Offering DISCOUNTS ON TATTOOS that I have artistic freedom on

I’m looking to expand my portfolio and to include bigger back pieces and sleeves in it. I’m looking to do art with skulls, animals, flowers, bio-organic work or anything realistic. I will tattoo at half of my hourly rate if it’s a project I’m interested in. I’m looking to get these tattoos done in a timely fashion so at least a sitting a month is required (two sittings a month preferred). I have some drawings available to look at in the shop. If you’re interested and live in Sonoma County or will be here soon, come in and we’ll see if we can work something out.

General Greivous Sith Tattoo

General Greivous Sith Tattoo

This is a mock up for my brother in law who lives in Santa Rosa. Big Star Wars fan. I’m looking forward to it since Star Wars characters are so awesome. Put my own spin on it to make it look like bone matter.

skull butterfly mandala design

skull butterfly mandala design

This is a design I’ve been working on for a bit. I finally think I’m done. I would love to tattoo this on a shoulder or a thigh or even a whole back. What do you think?

You asked, Dave Tevenal answered

With the tattoo industry being so watered down these days, I enjoy reading articles from good tattooers who try to keep some integrity in the industry.


You asked, Dave Tevenal answered.


I have added a page of some older artwork that is for sale along with all of my paintings. These pencil or pen and ink drawings are where I really honed my art skills before I started tattooing in Santa Rosa over 4 years ago now. This is a pen and ink drawing based on a photo of Leann Tweeden. You can click on the “Art on Paper” link on the top of the screen to see some more drawings. I also enjoy tattooing this style of artwork so contact me if you’re interested in a tattoo of this nature.