Aztec stone tattoo in progress.

aztec backGus topped in and we worked on this today..


Fighter plane pin up in progress

fighter pin up 2 fighter pin up tattoo

Biomech half Sleeve on Alex

best tattoo artist santa rosa Biomechanical half sleeveDidn’t have anything scheduled for Wednesday and Wlex showed up for some color.

This weeks tattoos

color anchor color portraitHere’s a peek at a couple of tattoos I’ve worked on this week.

Mustang Pin up tattoo drawing for next week

pin up tattoo santa rosaJust finished this tattoo drawing¬†I will be stariting next week on David’s chest.

Progress on Bio-organic leg

Biomechanical tattoo Bio-organic sleeveDid some black and grey shading on this leg I started a bit ago.  Anyone interested in a tattoo like this let me know.

Scrtipt walk in I got to do today.

A woman asked for this phrase in script today. Years ago I couldn’t stand doing lettering, it was difficult I thought. With much more cursive lettering tattoolettering under my belt and hours of practice, it’s not so bad.