Big ben rose design

Color filigree flowerThis is a sketch for a tattoo going onto someone’s shoulder for a half sleeve. Always hoping to do tattoos like this, I may even discount certain tattoos. Hit me up if interested.

Floral design available for tattoo

unnamedHere is a painting I just started. This design is available for tattoo. It would work well as a half sleeve or side tattoo on the hip and ribs. Emial me if interested.

New Location News

As I attempt to settle into my new location, I can’t help but be filled with a wave of optimism surrounding what is to come. I’m still tying up some loose ends around the shop although it never seems like there is enough time for that. There is no doubt that the choice was a good one to move. There is always a bit of fear involved with change. Fear for me is something to meet head on rather than something to avoid.

Donnie Irish will be working at the shop starting two nights a week to assist with walk in traffic. Donnie has been tattooing around the area of Sonoma County and Santa Rosa for many years. You can view some of his work here. Call the shop at (707) 978-3258 if you’re interested in getting tattooed by Donnie or Galen.