Black and Grey Tattoo

black and grey anchor tattooThis was a pretty quick tattoo I did for a client in memory of her Grandfather. Hang On Pain Ends is what hope stands for according to him.

Raven Skull tattoo

20141106_193813_resizedThis is a Raven with a skull in the body I’m adding to this sleeve. Still in progress

Nautical sleeve in progress.

nautical sleeve pinup tattoo wave tattooThis is a project I’ve been working on for a Coast guard. State flowers are included for where him and his wife are from. Plenty of fun going on here.

skull and butterfly tattoo

skull butterfly tattoo

General Greivous Sith Tattoo

General Greivous Sith Tattoo

This is a mock up for my brother in law who lives in Santa Rosa. Big Star Wars fan. I’m looking forward to it since Star Wars characters are so awesome. Put my own spin on it to make it look like bone matter.

samurai sleeve

samurai sleeve

This is a drawing I want to share for a sleeve I will be starting tomorrow. Pretty exciting to start pieces like this.

skull butterfly mandala design

skull butterfly mandala design

This is a design I’ve been working on for a bit. I finally think I’m done. I would love to tattoo this on a shoulder or a thigh or even a whole back. What do you think?