Today’s tattoos

deanna 20141128_162518

Nautical sleeve in progress.

nautical sleeve pinup tattoo wave tattooThis is a project I’ve been working on for a Coast guard. State flowers are included for where him and his wife are from. Plenty of fun going on here.

floral tattoo finished.


This is a tattoo I designed for a client from Rohnert Park CA. We did the butterflies to represent her children and obviously flowers go pretty well with butterflies so we added those since we were also covering an old pot leaf tattoo.floral tattoo (2) floral tattoo 4 floral tattoo 5 floral tattoo 6 floral tattoo floral tattoo3

Free hand rose

imageA client from Rohnert Park came in today looking to cover a small tattoo. I drew this rose on and tattooed it. Kyle working at Dutch bros in Santa Rosa should like this better than what he had

Ongoing piece

Ongoing piece

This was originally a portrait done by an artist the client cannot contact anymore. We’ve added Dahlias, Chrysanthemums and the lettering.

Drawings available for tattoos

Drawings available for tattoos

This is a drawing I did for a tattoo on someone who isn’t too picky and just wants some of my artwork. I have other drawings ready for tattoo and can also design anything you want with even the vaguest of ideas. Email me for info.