Plenty of designs available for tattoo inspiration at the shop.

I get plenty of people coming into the shop or talking to me about wanting a tattoo but not being sure of what they want. The best bet in this scenario is to find an artist whose work you really like and see if they have designs they’ve drawn up that are available to get tattooed. especially of things that artist would like to tattoo.  I have plenty of those here at Bohemian Tattoo for you to choose from is you enjoy my artwork and would like to get something. My schedule is open today and tomorrow so stop in to get something going.ImageImageImageImageImage

black and grey skull with waves

black and grey skull with waves

Adding on to a clients arm who is from Santa Rosa. He has some Japanese looking art on the bottom of his arm so I added this to the top to match it up. Always fun to work on skulls.

Compass and wave design

Compass and wave design

A Client living in Santa Rosa CA asked me to design a compass tattoo with some waves around it for his foot. He wanted the coordinates included near the toes. Should feel pretty good.

What to look forward to if you get solid tattoo work

What to look forward to if you get solid tattoo work

Most people don’t realize what the difference between the quality of tattoos especially when the tattoo ages for 20 or 30 years. Here are some examples of what solid tattoos can look like after years in the skin.

Lettering drawing for a client

Lettering drawing for a client

A client from Santa Rosa is looking to make some shirts. He’s a gardener so this is the design. Still need to shade it in. thanks for looking.

Free hand rose

imageA client from Rohnert Park came in today looking to cover a small tattoo. I drew this rose on and tattooed it. Kyle working at Dutch bros in Santa Rosa should like this better than what he had