Begonia Tattoo Design

Begonia Tattoo Design

This is for a client who walked in. She got a tattoo in Santa Rosa somewhere she is not happy with. We will be covering it with these begonias and vine designs.

Parrot wing fix up

Parrot wing fix up

A client in Santa Rosa was not happy with these wings on her back which originally looked like the wing on the left. With some artistry, they are being transformed and she can finally feel good about them.

Reviews are appreciated.

Reviews are appreciated.

I’ve had a number of clients come in as a result of seeing good reviews on yelp. I recently moved the shop and was not allowed to take the reviews with me. If you have a couple of minutes and have been tattooed by me, please take a minute to give me a review.

Offering DISCOUNTS ON TATTOOS that I have artistic freedom on

I’m looking to expand my portfolio and to include bigger back pieces and sleeves in it. I’m looking to do art with skulls, animals, flowers, bio-organic work or anything realistic. I will tattoo at half of my hourly rate if it’s a project I’m interested in. I’m looking to get these tattoos done in a timely fashion so at least a sitting a month is required (two sittings a month preferred). I have some drawings available to look at in the shop. If you’re interested and live in Sonoma County or will be here soon, come in and we’ll see if we can work something out.

General Greivous Sith Tattoo

General Greivous Sith Tattoo

This is a mock up for my brother in law who lives in Santa Rosa. Big Star Wars fan. I’m looking forward to it since Star Wars characters are so awesome. Put my own spin on it to make it look like bone matter.