Growing Pain

A man I listen to on the radio often uses a term that rings in my head: “the cream always rises to the top”. Being in a small tattoo shop and being tucked away in an old empty shopping center has its disadvantages. Of course there are advantages as well and my job at this time is to focus on the positive aspect of the situation and find out what I can do to make it better presently. I beleive on the best ways to boost business at a tattoo shop is to expand my web presence which is what I’m doing now.

I suppose the success I desire with my art will not come easy, as is the case with the majority of things I strive for in my life. Hard work is required and is truly the only way I would want it. The only real way to enjoy success is to go through all of the difficulties that entail rising to the top. My goal is not to become the best tattoo artist or to make a bunch of money. My goal is to make and impression on people with my art and to leave them wanting more. I don’t believe everyone should get tattooed by only me, there is plenty of tattoo work to go around for all of the talent there is currently in the tattoo industry. I do believe if people see my work, many of them would want at least one tattoo from me.

Being in a tucked away tattoo shop is similar to those hole in the wall restaurants. They’re not on the main strip in town but they are all over the place and you just have to know where to find them. I can only imagine how many spectacular tattoo artists there are tucked away across this country. Like I shared earlier, the cream always rises to the top so the majority of those artists probably don’t stay tucked away for too long.


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